This show has closed and tickets are no longer available.

May 06, 2021 to May 09, 2021

Main Stage Theater





This theater presentation is being filmed as a teleplay and patrons  attending in-person will be part of the live studio audience.
The teleplay will be released for virtual viewing Summer 2021.

Written by James T. Lane

Directed and Choreographed by Kenny Ingram

A ”Triple Threat” in show business is a performer with all the goods—a performer who sings and dances and acts. James T. Lane is that performer.

In Triple Threat, the play, James tells the autobiographical story of a young Philadelphian who, inspired by Michael Jackson’s example of clawing out of poverty through entertainment, grows into a successful black, gay, man, in New York City—only to lose control and let his Broadway dreams collapse into skid-row nightmares. As James hits the most absurd crack-house rock bottom, he uncovers the performing magic that leads to redemption.

Triple Threat is a play that Moves and Sings—through James’s blood and soul. That blood and soul is movement, from Black Broadway Jazz to Modern Dance to Show-stopping Broadway. Along the way, James embodies the figures that helped, hindered, and even ignored him on his path, simultaneously appearing in video and voiceover while commanding the entire stage. As big as it is, Triple Threat is ultimately one man sharing his story. All perspectives at once—a Triple Threat.

Arising from the grand tradition of Whoopi Goldberg, Lily Tomlin, and John Leguizamo, James T. Lane steps into the limelight as the next great storyteller of a generation. Armed with not much more than a few props and a boundless imagination, James brings this magical story of failure, growth, perseverance, and triumph to life—and ultimately, resolution.


Additional support and funding comes from
David R Goode Charitable Lead Annuity Trust