January 21 from 12PM-5PM &

January 22 2PM-6PM


Taking Measure by Chris Hanna – 

Curtain Up! New Plays Series, Studio production

Taking Measure fuses the world and characters of Shakespeare's Measure for Measure into a young woman's struggle through contemporary academia to explore today's Me Too movement in a surprisingly nuanced way.

Rehearsals: Feb. 13-Mar. 1, 2023, Performances: Mar. 2 – Mar. 18, 2023 Thurs-Sat


  • KIM: Undergraduate student, female
  • MISS DASH: High School English teacher, female
  • ASHE: Undergraduate student, non-binary
  • NICK: Undergraduate student, male
  • GIL:  English professor, male
  • ENSEMBLE MEMBER ONE: (female) also DIANA Graduate student
  • ENSEMBLE MEMBER TWO: (male)also ANGELO City deputy
  • ENSEMBLE MEMBER THREE: (female), also ISABELLA Novitiate
  • ENSEMBLE MEMBER FOUR: (male) also CLAUDIO Isabella’s brother
  • ENSEMBLE MEMBER FIVE: (male) also TY University Title IX Officer
  • ENSEMBLE MEMBER SIX: (female)also KIA, Undergraduate student

Refraction of Light by Jean Klein 

Curtain Up! New Plays Series, Main Stage production

Refraction of Light explores friendship and prejudice in post-WW2 America. Each performance will be followed by a talk-back with community partners.

Rehearsals: Apr. 9 – May 4, 2023, Performances: May 5 -7, 2023


  • ROSE BEAUCHAMP (Bee-cham): sixties, white woman, considers herself to be enlightened and believes in equality for all; she is an educator above all and has tutored young people of color in her home. She has taken Nettie under her wing since Nettie is the daughter of her best childhood friend, a woman of color, now long deceased.
  • NETTIE FRENCH: early 20’s African American woman, naïve, madly in love with Joe. Good natured, puts others before herself. Is devoted and feels indebted to Rose for all she has given her since her mother passed away.
  • JOE TAYLOR: early 20’s African American man. Strong, ambitious, direct. Wears his dreams on his sleeve. Has a clear sense of right and wrong.
  • HARRY ROSEN: early 20’s, Jewish immigrant survivor of Kristallnacht. He delivers groceries for Overton’s Market which is what brought him into Joe’s life. He is grateful to be alive but is tormented by survivor’s guilt.

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