OOPS; Optical Online Pairing System

presented with Laugh Norfolk Productions LLC

March 08, 2024 to March 09, 2024

7:30pm & 3pm Sat.

Studio Theater

written by Clyde Santana
Directed by Jackie Aldonis

In the near future, three lonely yuppy roommates who share a small one-room closet size apartment (quad) discover a dating app that provides a window into the world of super good-looking men. The question; are the windows real or just a well-organized scam?

Rathskeller: A Musical Elixir

a Curtain Up! New Musical

May 03, 2024 to May 18, 2024

7:30pm & Sats. at 3:00pm

Main Stage Theater

Book, Music, and Lyrics by Brianna Kothari Barnes
Conceived by Dame Productions

A mystical dive bar somewhere between heaven and hell, RATHSKELLER is the place John Casey finds himself when he wakes up after a fatal accident. When the mysterious Bartender and her ruckus rock-n-roll bar staff explain the rules of their den of darkness, the man is left with a choice – to face the deadly sins that landed him on their stool or stay in Rathskeller for eternity. A battle for the soul musical, with a powerhouse rock score, Rathskeller: A Musical Elixir asks the audience – What makes someone worthy of mercy or justice? Can redemption be earned? What do any of us deserve?

CORE Theatre’s Frankenstein

with CORE Theater Ensemble

June 27, 2024 to June 29, 2024

8:00pm & 3:00pm Saturday

Studio Theater

based on the novel by Mary Shelley
stage adaptation by Castillo and Ertugrul

What makes a man monstrous and a monster human? A tale of playing god and identity lost, Core Theatre Ensemble’s adaptation of the literary classic Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein is resurrected at the Zeiders American Dream Theater this June.

One of the first literary works in the sci-fi/horror genre, the story presents a frightening premise even in modern times. After discovering the secrets of animating human remains, Victor Frankenstein assembles body parts to create a living monster. Follow Creation vs. Creator down a path of destruction fueled by hate and revenge as they search for morality and purpose in the world. The eventual confrontation leaves a wake of death and ultimately reduces both to ruins. Join Core Theatre for this unique, high-energy, and beautiful production.

About Core:

Core is an international touring independent theater company that has been creating since 2006. Totaling over 70 productions in 5 countries, CTE is headed by Emel Ertugrul and Edwin Castillo with artistic associates Laura Agudelo and Nancy Dickerson. Most recently they world premiered The Legend of Sleepy Hollow at Zeiders, VB, which will make its international premiere at 24th Tarptautinis Teatrų Forumas in Vilnius, Lithuania in May.

They work with a philosophy and focus on the performer as the individual and within the ensemble. Their works gravitate towards the group event and the creation process highlights working towards the common goal of performance and presentation. Theatrical collaborations and coproductions include Centro di Creazione Teatrale-Italy, A. Pulka Physical Theater-Lithuania, University of Vilnius-Lithuania, Old Dominion University, Warehouse of Theater, Virginia Stage Company, Chrysler Museum Glass Studio, Limbic System, and Alchemy NFK. CTE’s mission is to create innovative, compelling work that is challenging to the actors involved and engaging to the audiences who watch. We seek to make great theater and have great people see it.