OCTOBER 5 - 7 2018




Proteus Festival presents a series of unique performances, presentations, and original works in three creative disciplines: music, theater, and film. A festival badge allows admission to all events on a first-come, first-served basis for the entire festival. Coupled with performances and film screenings, there are panel discussions with artists, producers, directors, and other creative professionals; participatory public art installations; afterparties and networking meet ups; and pop-up artistic and culinary surprises.


Performances at Proteus Festival run the gamut, from amazing music to off-beat theater to spellbinding films. A strong emphasis on local artists allows for uncommon collaborations and new works not typical of larger festivals, and also allows us to present artists of local origin with national recognition in a unique, intimate environment. Every seat in our various venues is within thirty feet of center stage, so every performance is up close and personal.

Each performance is augmented by state-of-the-art sound and video gear, guaranteeing that the artist’s work is brought to stunning life before your eyes and ears.


At the heart of Proteus Festival are the creative teams. Each team enters the festival with the purpose of creating a new work in one of our creative disciplines during the festival, and performing or screening their new work on the final day of the festival.

Each creative discipline is led by an established artist who provides a creative prompt at the festival opening. The teams are provided with space and mentors to assist and aid their work, and also their own badges for access to all festival events.

On the final day of the festival the teams present their new works to the public and a panel of judges, who will award prizes for the best work in each discipline and an overall “Best of Proteus Festival” prize.


Not to be missed at Proteus Festival are the many varied yet one-of-a-kind experiences. In addition to the performances and screenings, we fill the space with the new and unusual. Participatory public art, pop-up culinary offerings, drop-in performances, and post-show parties all add to the festival scene and create a unique artistic experience not to be missed!