Monthly giving is a great way to give to your favorite organization in a significant way without a significant financial strain!

How Monthly Giving helps The Z:

Unexpected donations are great, but monthly donations allow a nonprofit to rely on some consistency when it comes to individual contributions. It also means an organization won’t have to spend as much time pursuing new donors and foundations each year. Monthly donors are consistent and their donations tend to provide an equal return as a large one-time gift. Monthly donors ultimately help nonprofits save time and money.

How Monthly Giving helps you, the donor:

Monthly giving is a great way to include charitable donations in your budget. Giving a small amount such as $10 each month feels more palatable than dropping $120. It’s so easy to pay with a credit card or an ACH and have your donation come directly out of your account with your bills every month! If you’re the type of person who finds themselves wanting to donate but forgetting to revisit your favorite organizations semi-regularly, this is a great way to make a donation. It may also make you feel less pressured to give during the end of the year when many organizations are asking for donations.