LICENSE & REGISTRATION Written by Kanya Edmonds and Niylah Mascall
Produced and Directed by Kanya Edmonds
*This casting call is for a one-act performance on Friday, April 7th*

Plot summary:
Two teenage friends, heading home one evening, must face the realities of society and their personal differences for the very first time when they are being stopped by the police.

Nia: 17, female, African American. Reserved but passionate- likes to have fun. She is responsible and never gets in trouble. Cecilia compliments her personality well.

Cecilia: 17, female, Caucasian or non-black. Energetic and carefree. She and Nia have been best friends since freshman year. Not the best student academic-wise, but intelligent in her own way.

If interested, please fill out the form below:

And Email 1-minute monologue of your choosing to: [email protected]


Looking for actors (2) M or F, age range variable – approximately 25 – 50,  for a 20-minute play, Priming the Pump. 

Fight for Life is a seedy “talk show’ which relies on the “Rage Room” school of therapy. As audiences have demand bigger and better arenas for, their ratings have begun to fall. The host, Burt Solomon, is looking at what may be his last hosting job. He has to keep the anger going. Two bodyguards chant periodically to rouse the audience’s rage.

When he hears from Grace Truman, a retiring, emotionally abused wife, he thinks he has found the perfect vehicle for the audience to identify with. And he plans a special twist for this guest, who seems compliant beyond belief. Will Burt’s strategy work or will Grace find another solution only she could have thought of.

Roles are Bodyguards in a Jerry-Springer-like talk show. Few lines, and lots of interaction with the audience. Performance on April 8, 7:20 PM at Zeiders American Dream Theater (The Z)  in Virginia Beach.

If interested, contact Jean at [email protected] with a headshot and brief bio.