AUDITION For Artist-Produced Works at the 2024 Z Fringe Festival


WANTED – Actors who can SING for an excerpt of a new musical play by award-winning songwriter to be presented at the Z FRINGE FESTIVAL on Saturday, April 6 (late afternoon.)

This show is part of the works-in-progress portion of the Fringe. Lyrics and recordings to practice with by early/March. Some rehearsals via Zoom. MAXIMUM in person rehearsals = 4.
Parts – 3 males and 3 females. Some parts already cast.
Want more details? Please get in touch.


For New Musical Concert Reading
at Zeiders Theatre Festival on April 6, 2024
Each Cast Member to be Paid $100 for Performance on April 6th

Auditions Locations
Friday, March 1, Audition : Denise Walls Dance Studio, 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm
4020 Bonney Road, Suite 116, Virginia Beach 23452
Or Saturday, March 2, Audition: Fairfield Inn & Suites Town Center, 10:00 am to Noon
Meeting Room, 20 Constitution Drive, Virginia Beach 23462
Sunday, March 3, First Rehearsal: Harmony Yoga Studio, 3:15 to 6:00 pm
4540 Princess Anne Road, Suite 109, Virginia Beach 23462

RSVP Zoe Conner, Producer, by TEXTING 415-264-4941 with your name and which day you will audition. Be prepared to sing Happy Birthday and read scenes.

BACK FROM IRAQ Musical follows the young men and women from diverse backgrounds on a 90 minute fast-paced modern musical “boots on the ground” tour of duty in the Middle East.

See the CAST BREAKDOWN below. Also needed is a STAGE MANAGER as Narrator and two

FEMALE DANCERS. The Cast will not be needed again until April 1st through April 6, 2024 for rehearsals, tech and performance.
PIN-UP GIRL – Think Gwen Stefani. Pop singer/dancer with her own “Pussy Cat Dolls” dancers. She is a modern icon of the 1940’s bombshell who exudes self-confidence.
CAPTAIN – Male, about 30 years old, experienced with successful missions but bravado covers his fear of failure. He tries to live up to an idealistic role of a leader.
GRAMPS – Grandfather to Captain, sadder but wiser after Viet Nam. He is a bit stoic and hesitant to ever talk about his own war.
GUNG HO – The youngest recruit, athletic, strong, aggressive but feels pressure to please Marine Dad who has a chest full of medals.
GRIM REAPER – Black male knows violence from roaming with a gang in the streets but wants a better life for himself.
LEGS – Asian female Medic from a formal cultural background who wants to feel brave and empowered. She cannot dishonor her parents but she also can no longer live as a shadow of herself.
BRAINS – Very intelligent male who signed up after 9/11 to outsmart the enemy but has spent his life adrift and unattached to anyone.
BEAST – Male, funny, self-deprecating but a smart computer wiz. He loves to cook and eat and play video games and is very hairy.
HERRERA – BASED ON REAL SOLDIER (Mary J. Herrera) – Latin female gunner (from dancing/singing CORPS)
ACE – Male constantly focused on flying Apache helicopter (from CORPS)
FARSI – Female Interpreter educated from Iran (from CORPS)

This audition offers the opportunity to contribute to a vital conversation, shedding light on topics such as postpartum depression, societal pressures, and domestic challenges within relationships. Join us as we aim to educate and inspire our community through the art of storytelling.