Through May 31, 2020

#VBStrong: Healing through The Arts continues, now more than ever…

As Community Liaison at The Z, it was deeply important to me to keep our connection to one another through this period of social distancing. With that, I am taking our #VBStrong Community Project online. All of us at The Z and our Community Arts Partners hope it provides a purposeful & enjoyable distraction: A WISH FOR PEACE, for both the tragic events of May 31st & the challenging events of today.

Here’s how it came to be and what we are doing…

Watch this YouTube Video, giving step by step instructions on how to fold an origami crane, get some paper, write an inscription of hope & healing, and start folding! It’s as easy as that. Share this project with family and friends! We want beautiful healing cranes being made across Virginia Beach, Hampton Roads, Virginia and the nation at large! This is something we can do TOGETHER while we are physically apart!

Make An Origami Crane

Once we get through this initial chapter of social distancing, I will post instructions as to how we will collect the cranes so that we can make wreaths for sister cities, like El Paso & Dayton, as well as gift cranes to health workers, in our own community, on the front lines of this coronavirus. Until then hold onto them in your house, and on May 31st, the anniversary of our tragedy in Virginia Beach, we would like everyone to post photos of their cranes on social media using #thezhealingcranes.

If you have any questions, please email me at I want to hear from you! I want to hear how many cranes you and your friends are making. We can ALL do this– adults and children, teens and millennials, scout troops, church groups, civic leagues, book clubs, sports teams, choirs, bands, businesses and corporations. And if you want The Z to coordinate a ZOOM call just for your group, please let us know! Let’s make 1,000 cranes and bring a wish for healing and peace!