The Z and VEER Magazine Bring the Ambient Music Scene to VB This January Virginia Beach – Ambient music takes the center stage at The Z this January, in a special showcase for a genre often overlooked.

At the new Ambient Music Showcase, three ambient music composers will be featured in a new event as part of the Live at The Z Music series, in partnership with the Zeiders American Dream Theater and VEER Magazine.

“We have a number of uniquely talented, independent ambient music recording artists in the 757 region that often get overlooked due to the nature of their musical focus. I thought a showcase performance featuring three of the composers would be an ideal way for an audience to “experience” their work,” said Jeff Maisey, Editor of VEER Magazine, which publishes the annual VEER Music Awards.

Maisey and VEER keep a pulse on the Hampton Roads music scene, and its undiscovered emerging artists, and a partnership with The Z is helping to bring live performance opportunities to this underserved community.

The design and audio/visual aspects of Zeiders American Dream Theater provide an equally unique environment to optimally experience such music in an intimate setting.

“Ambient music creates an experience for the audience and when you pair the excitement and wonder of live composition with stunning visual displays it is truly a one-of-a-kind,” said The Z’s Music Series Producer Liz Terrell, “The Z is the perfect venue to showcase these 3 artists in their element.”

For this concert, the artists were given complete freedom to pair the production elements that The Z’s mainstage theater provides with new original compositions, creating an experience unlike other “traditional” concert experiences.

“Expect the music, paired with the visual component, to evocatively set and explore a mood,” said Maisey, “The sky — galaxy — really is the limit.”

Want to go? Ambient Music Showcase, January 20, 2023 at 7:30pm. GET TICKETS