Uncle Wiggily’s Christmas Carol

with Children's Theatre of Hampton Roads

December 22, 2023 to December 23, 2023

Saturday at 11am and 2pm

Main Stage Theater

Written and Directed by Jessica Brooke Pinsky

You’re invited to the Woods for a holiday tea at Uncle Wiggily’s house… only Uncle Wiggily is the last to know! In order to keep you entertained, the old rabbit gentleman will have to get everyone’s help to put on the biggest production the forest has ever seen: Charles Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol”!
You’ll meet Nurse Jane Fuzzy Wuzzy the muskrat housekeeper, Jumpo Kinkytail the Monkey, Doctor Possum (the possum), and a slew of madcap characters as they portray the quintessential Christmas tale… with just a few minor changes! With enduring themes of love, generosity, and second chances, there’s no better way to celebrate the season than with Uncle Wiggily and his forest friends in CTHR’s beloved adaptation. A charming and original spin on the classic, and great holiday fun for the entire family.

Appropriate for all ages, best enjoyed by those four and up.

Faerie Folk of the Emerald Isle

with Children's Theater of Hampton Roads

March 09, 2024

Saturday at 11am and 2pm

Main Stage Theater

Written by Anton Five, Directed by Mike Burnette

Join CTHR and a host of Faerie Folk this Spring for a magical romp through the sidh- or call it, Faerie Land, if you prefer.

You’ll meet representatives of the Good Folk, like the mischievous Red Man, the elusive Leprechaun, and the even more elusive Pooka. They’ll need your help untangling the mix-up at the Changeling Office and, more importantly, finding out what happened to the Magic Cow!!
This brand-new production is a fairy tale mash-up guaranteed to delight audiences of all ages with lots of laughs, audience interaction, and a bit of Irish Magic!
Appropriate for all ages, best enjoyed by those four and up.


with Children's Theater of Hampton Roads

June 01, 2024

Saturday at 11am and 2pm

Main Stage Theater

Written and Directed by Jessica Brooke Pinsky

They’ve seen the dinosaurs. Battled robots. Tamed the Wild West. Very nearly traveled to the Middle Ages. Clashed with pirates. And now, your three favorite time-travelers are going where no SciTech Industry employee has gone before: Space!

Drs Wells, Lewis, and Stevens are back to take you on another heart-pounding, jaw-dropping, belly-laughing, interactive adventure! Don’t miss the fifth installment of our Exclamation Point Series: Space!

Appropriate for all ages, best enjoyed by those four and up.

LOVE Sign at The Z: Make Art with Us!

Sponsored by The Home Depot

August 27, 2022


MEET Z Local Artist & VA Moca Educator Renee Calway, SEE her work exhibited at the Virginia Beach Oceanfront Library & MAKE art with her on site! Renee Calway, Hampton Roads native, back from her art studies in California, has developed a body of work all on display at the library.
Come see it all and participate in her latest project in partnership with Zeiders American Dream Theater:
Bring your clean plastic lids of any size to the library where you will roll up your sleeves and glitz them up so they become part of the 6-foot-long VA LOVE SIGN! Thanks to Home Depot for sponsoring the project by providing all the building materials.
Sponsored by:

Kids Comedy Show

with Plan B Comedy

December 10, 2022


Main Stage Theater

Comedy for all ages! Our improv troupe is back with laughs and smiles for the whole family!

Plan B Comedy Series: Performing regularly in both the Studio and the Main Stage, Plan B Comedy provides a high-energy, fast-paced and exciting experience to audiences of all ages. Plan B Comedy’s brand is “FUN” and it shows. Comedy starts here!

It’s Easy to be Green

a Family Time Event

April 22, 2023

11am and 2pm

Main Stage Theater

Learn from folk song duo Cindy and Shelly in this earth-friendly, environmental awareness program that teaches students about habitats, environments, biology, recycling, and conservation. The interactive program includes original tunes like “It Really isn’t Garbage,” “Bebop,” and “Someone’s Gonna Use it After You.” Children and families will enjoy this fun program celebrating our planet.

Presented in partnership with Arts for Learning and the Virginia Beach Arts and Humanities Commission. 

City of Virginia Beach Logo

Cindy Kays and Shelly Potter have performed together for more than two decades as a children’s musical duo. Using stringed and percussion instruments, puppets, and props, Cindy and Shelly encourage students to participate with hand motions and singing. Their repertoire ranges from traditional and contemporary folk songs to original songs. Their four CD releases have all been awarded Parents’ Choice Awards for excellence in children’s music, a national honor.

Additional program support is provided by Arts Alliance, Helen G. Gifford Foundation, Virginia Commission for the Arts, and National Endowment for the Arts.

—————————————————————————————————————————Photos and/or videos may be taken of adults and children at performances and used for promotional purposes, which may include social media, web, and print.