Fee: None

Prize: Production of your play; Air on national public radio stations; and a copy of the production

Description: “Shoestring Radio Theatre is a nationally-syndicated radio drama program featuring original radio plays by contemporary writers as well as adaptations of traditional favorites — everything from classic murder mysteries, “radio noir,” and historical dramas to contemporary comedies, thrillers, and science fiction”

1. Radio drama scripts should include only things you can hear—i.e. dialogue, sound effects and music cues (stings, transitions, etc.).
2. We are always looking for good, original radio plays of any genre. We have produced dozens of scripts submitted by writers from all over the world who originally found us on the web.
3. Radio drama scripts should also include a synopsis of the story, and a cast list of characters.
4. Accepting 25-28 minute plays (which air in one part) and 50-56 minute plays (which air in two parts). Also accepting shorts, which can be up to10 minutes in length.
5. Submit in Word, PDF and Text files.

Email: [email protected]