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January 23, 2020 to February 02, 2020

Thursday through Saturday at 7:30pm; Sunday at 2:30pm

Studio Theater





Student Rush (1 hr before show)


Saint Irene’s is a large Greek Orthodox Church with a dwindling congregation. Thirty years ago the parish was a thriving one where festivals were reported on the news and Easter services were standing room only. John, an eager and charismatic parish council member inspired the rest of the community to pitch in and help make Saint Irene’s a prominent church in its diocese. He also invested in the stock market, and had developed a system to make quite a profit for himself. He shared his knack with the community, and then began to invest money from the church coffers. This revenue wave lasted for a time, but small losses led to larger risks until he had lost everything—or almost everything. Before he could face those who he’d disappointed, the man took his life.

In the present, John’s daughter Ruth is now the president of the parish, one that has been running a financial deficit for years. They now face being removed from their building. Ruth, who has lost her father and is losing her mother and has very little left of her past, has made it her mission to save the building. She contacts an estranged old friend of her father’s, the former president who allowed him to invest with church funds, hoping to find a last stash of her father’s money. Rumor has it that some of her father’s money is out there, and Ruth fights to find and use those funds so she can bring the church back from the brink. The current priest will do all he can to prevent her from using the money that led to her father’s death and the congregation’s demise.