This show has closed and tickets are no longer available.

January 01, 1970

Far, far into the future, in a world almost exactly like our own, something else rules the earth. Something metal. Something with lots of buttons. Something… robotic. 
Greetings, fellow science fanatics! Welcome to SciTech Industries. Step into our time machine as we set the clock forward a few hundred years, and visit an age where humans share the landscape with chrome counterparts capable of causing countless calamities. Never travelled through time and space? No problem! We have taken every precaution to ensure a safe futuristic experience. Of course, the last time our scientists travelled through time there were a few- minor- glitches… but, nothing to worry about! After all, surely they’ve worked out all the kinks by now. How many times can time travel go wrong?
Take a little trip this February for our most exciting, most high-tech, most futurey adventure yet: “Robots!” Great for all ages.

Presented by Children’s Theatre of Hampton Roads