February 25, 2021 to February 27, 2021

Thursday through Saturday

Main Stage Theater, Virtual

The Z’s inaugural Shakespeare festival last season was a runaway hit. From the blockbuster re-imagining of “Voodoo Macbeth” through the riotous Bootleg-style production of “Romeo and Juliet,” No Holds Bard established itself as a wholly new kind of Shakespeare festival with a broad appeal to both the Billy Shakes novitiate and the Bard of Avon connoisseur. 

Returning to this season’s festival is “Shakes Songs,” a concert presentation featuring local songwriters performing original settings of some of Shakespeare’s lyrics. This season’s bootleg production will take a slightly different form (you’ll need a smartphone to participate, but we can lend a hand), and we will be presenting a few other things in formats yet to be finalized. 

Tickets and more info coming soon!