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January 01, 1970

Main Stage Theater





Student Rush (1 hr before show)


In an exceptional melding of man and machine, Dan Tepfer uses the Yamaha Disklavier piano to bring together his world-class pianism with his background in physics and programming. As he improvises, the piano responds in real time with notes of its own, the keys of the keyboard depressing themselves as if by magic, guided by algorithms that he has programmed into his computer.

Different pieces arise not from different choices of notes, but from different processes which naturally leave their own distinct sonic signature on the music. As the music is being created, another set of custom-made coding turns the data into animated visual art, creating a mesmerizing visual universe that reveals the underlying musical structure.

Dan will play a Yamaha DCFX, a CFX concert grand piano with the Disklavier™ PRO reproducing system, provided courtesy of Yamaha Corporation of America”.