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January 01, 1970

Studio Theater





Student Rush (1 hr before show)


Music and Lyrics by James Rubio
Book by James Rubio and Chris Hanna

When the carnival comes to Youngstown in the summer of 1976, aspiring magician Frank gets drawn into the enchanted world behind the curtains. His skills in the shooting galleries makes him a hero to the barkers, carnies, and townspeople as it simultaneously makes him a marked man in the eyes of the wizard behind the carnival’s trickery. With a catchy score influenced by ’70s music and art song in equal measure, Grotesquerie Lake is a fantastical story that reminds us to never lose focus- despite the distractions- while always remaining true to your vision.

This will be a Workshop Production; the actors may refer to scripts, there will be fairly complete costumes, and theatrical lighting.