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January 01, 1970

Studio Theater

Written by Anton Five, Directed by Mike Burnette

It’s not easy being Charlotte.  Her two smarty pants siblings (the Brothers Grimm to be precise) tease her just because she loves stories.  As much as her brothers love words; they don’t love stories- not the way Charlotte does.  Charlotte loves stories because anything can happen in a story.

But on top of that…she gets lost in the woods…and can’t find her way home!  The woods are dark, and mysterious, but Charlotte is determined to get back.  Along the way she meets all sorts of friends (some you may have heard of):  a brother and sister who are looking for their bread crumbs, a beautiful young maiden with really, really long hair; and a magical fish that grants wishes (that one you may not have heard of).  Everything is going smoothly until they meet a certain old woman who lives in a house made of candy…
So join us Once Upon A Time for a fantastic adventure where anything can happen, because anything can happen in a story.  Magical for all ages.

Presented by Children’s Theatre of Hampton Roads