This show has closed and tickets are no longer available.

January 01, 1970

Studio Theater

General (Adults and Children)


Written by Anton Five

Directed by Mike Burnette

Nothing very exciting ever happens to Danny; certainly nothing out of the ordinary. Visiting the grandparents’ house doesn’t seem like it would be very exciting, and adventure is the last thing on Danny’s mind- but then finding an old diary and a mysterious toy box in the attic certainly is curious. A diary that describes odd things happening around the house- like raining indoors and talking toys! None of this could be real, could it? Join CTHR this October for an exciting new play full of silly, colorful characters, on a family vacation that gets even weirder than expected! What’s the worst that can happen when the imagination literally runs wild? Find out when you open the Toy Box!… but let’s open it together, okay? “Toybox” offers enough tomfoolery and terrific fun for any tot! Just in time for Halloween.

(Appropriate for all ages, best enjoyed by those four and up)