MARCH 1-31, 2021

Thank you for joining us at The Z's She's a BrickHouse Celebration of Women's History Month! It was more than we had ever dreamed it would be. And this is only the beginning. From now til next year's 2022 celebration our team will be out there in the community sharing art from this year's event and creating more art for next year's event. Top on the list is to hear from you! What do new lyrics look like for the outdated She's a BrickHouse song by the Commodores? Let's revise this old art, this outdated plate of mashed potatoes with its hidden caloric messages, as our podcast says, and infuse it with new life, half the butter and salt, and consume!
If you have an idea as to what these new lyrics look like through your 21st Century lens, please start working on them either in written form or through a video performance of the song itself. This summer we will have a portal to accept submissions in both forms. 
Have questions? Please email [email protected]

This March, The Z presents She’s a BrickHouse - a full month of FREE performing arts offerings & panel discussions celebrating art & stories by and about women. Get the inside scoop on the first steps towards a museum dedicated to Women’s History in our nation’s capital. Then SEE IT HERE FIRST: Enjoy a new musical excerpt about Frances Perkins, the woman behind FDR’s New Deal. Reflect on Broken Dolls, a new play about the lives of women experiencing human trafficking. Delight in an evening of 20th Century songs through a 21st Century lens. Participate in a community art project born of this celebration of women!

When the pandemic hit, The Z’s Community Liaison, Sibel Galindez, had time to think about something that had been gnawing at her. Watching one of her favorite classic Hollywood films, It Happened One Night, she was struck by the outdated and sexist portrayal of the female character. It was something she had not noticed until that very moment and inspired a podcast entitled It Happened One Night: A Feminist Frozen A-ha moment.

Please note the concept of “200 present” referred to in the podcast was originally developed by Elise Boulding. 

The podcast laid the foundation for a month-long series of virtual community discussions asking others about their #ItHappenedOneNight moment. From Gentlemen Prefer Blondes to Disney’s Little Mermaid, it was clearly a shared experience worthy of community-wide conversation and, moreover, a celebration of stories of and about women. She’s a BrickHouse was organized and produced by gathering the incredible talents of artists in the 757 and partnering with a variety of non-profits and arts organizations all focused on jubilantly celebrating March 2021 Women’s History Month!




7PM on The Z’s Facebook Page

Join Community Liaison, Sibel Galindez & Concert Producer, Elizabeth Terrell, on Facebook Live to hear about all the events (virtual & in person) The Z is offering FREE all month long! They will also share reactions to the It Happened One Night Podcast and how to participate in this social media conversation as well as the community art project accompanying it.  


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7PM on The Z’s Facebook Page

Join Sibel & Liz as they unveil the art created by local artists Heather Boone and Renee Calway in this joyous celebration of Women's History Month! The art stems directly from themes in the podcast and incorporates feedback and participation from our community.  Hear directly from Heather and Renee as they share the process and thought behind their creations.



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7PM on The Z’s Facebook Page

Join Sibel for an exclusive discussion with Jennifer Herrera, Vice President of External Affairs at the National Women’s History Museum, about their rich online collection, the largest of its kind, and their role in getting our nation closer to a brick and mortar building dedicated to women’s history; and Dr. Karen Sherry of the Virginia Museum of History & Culture about the origin of Women’s History Month and Virginian women who shaped our Commonwealth; and Miriam Jackson of Virginia Beach History Museums about the historical female figures right here in our own backyard.

ADDED BONUS: A Sneak Peek Presentation to The Chrysler Museum’s Alma Thomas Exhibit by Seth Feman, Deputy Director for Art and Interpretation and Curator of Photography.

Enjoy this link to the Arts Undercurrent informed by Norfolk Tours about two local women whose vision served as the catalyst for what is now the Chrysler Museum of Art.



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Produced by The Z in partnership with Mirage Theatre Company
Written by Melisa Tien, Adapted & Directed by June Prager, Technical Director & Editor Russ Jennings
Cast: Yanzi Ding; Ashley Taylor Greaves; Stephanie Chloe Hepner; Vilma Hodo; and Samyuktha Viswanathan

At The Z: 7PM showing of recorded performance followed by Talk Back
Virtual: Live Stream on Facebook Live during the event.

Limited Seating. Be sure when you register for the month to check the box for this event if you plan to attend.

Join us in The Z’s Main Stage for the world premiere screening of BROKEN DOLLS, a new play performed and recorded on Zoom by Mirage Theater.

Five female survivors of human trafficking find themselves in a waiting room at a social service facility. Although strangers to each other they share an intimate bond having experienced this gender biased form of modern day slavery. As they wait, they reveal their broken hearts and past experiences to each other and the audience.  

Talk Back following the play led by Sibel Galindez, Community Liaison for The Z, with June Prager, Courtney Pierce of Samaritan House, and Renee Olander of Old Dominion University


At The Z: 7PM
Virtual: Live stream on Facebook Live during the event

Limited Seating. Be sure when you register for the month to check the box for this event if you plan to attend.

Join Liz as she hosts this Blow Out Concert featuring three incredible female singer songwriters of the 757: Chris Anderson, Narissa Bond  and Shea Seger. 

SEE IT HERE FIRST with original works from all three of these artists ranging from excerpts of a musical about Frances Perkins, the woman behind FDR’s New Deal, to a haunting song telling the story of Celia, the Slave girl.

ADDED BONUS: Birthday Bash Shout Out to the Girl Scouts, featuring Elyse Donuhue and the Girl Scout Gold Award Project.



7PM on The Z’s Facebook Page

Join Sibel for exclusive interviews with Jean Klein, Patti Wray and Benita Alane as they share how their experiences as women have informed their work and career paths as artists.  




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For more information and questions as to how to make your own #ItHappenedOneNight video recording email [email protected]


In memory of Sibel's mother, Catherine