MARCH 2022

The Z's inaugural She's a BrickHouse Celebration of Women's History Month was more than we had ever dreamed it would be! And that was only the beginning. From now until next year's 2022 celebration our team will be out in the community sharing art from this year's event and creating more art for next year's event.
Here’s where YOU come in!

Have you ever really listened to the lyrics of She’s a BrickHouse? They are pretty outdated in their objectification of women. Let’s do something about that TOGETHER!

The Z is calling on all artists and creatives to
RE-WRITE, RECLAIM, and RECONTEXTUALIZE the message of “She’s A Brick House” through ART.
Re-work the lyrics ~ Create visual art ~ Write a poem~ Choreograph a dance~

We will share your submissions throughout the year leading up to March 2022, and a special few will be selected for display during our She’s A Brickhouse Celebration.

QUESTIONS?: email [email protected] or [email protected]

This March, The Z presents She’s a BrickHouse - a full month of FREE performing arts offerings & panel discussions celebrating art & stories by and about women. Get the inside scoop on the first steps towards a museum dedicated to Women’s History in our nation’s capital. Then SEE IT HERE FIRST: Enjoy a new musical excerpt about Frances Perkins, the woman behind FDR’s New Deal. Reflect on Broken Dolls, a new play about the lives of women experiencing human trafficking. Delight in an evening of 20th Century songs through a 21st Century lens. Participate in a community art project born of this celebration of women!

When the pandemic hit, The Z’s Community Liaison, Sibel Galindez, had time to think about something that had been gnawing at her. Watching one of her favorite classic Hollywood films, It Happened One Night, she was struck by the outdated and sexist portrayal of the female character. It was something she had not noticed until that very moment and inspired a podcast entitled It Happened One Night: A Feminist Frozen A-ha moment.

Please note the concept of “200 present” referred to in the podcast was originally developed by Elise Boulding. 

The podcast laid the foundation for a month-long series of virtual community discussions asking others about their #ItHappenedOneNight moment. From Gentlemen Prefer Blondes to Disney’s Little Mermaid, it was clearly a shared experience worthy of community-wide conversation and, moreover, a celebration of stories of and about women. She’s a BrickHouse was organized and produced by gathering the incredible talents of artists in the 757 and partnering with a variety of non-profits and arts organizations all focused on jubilantly celebrating March 2021 Women’s History Month!

For more information and questions as to how to make your own #ItHappenedOneNight video recording email [email protected]


In memory of Sibel's mother, Catherine