Our mission guides our action. We tell stories, engage artists, provide forums, and build community. That is how we make a positive impact. That is what we do best. That is where we examine and engage.

The Z’s mission to inspire creative growth in our community includes using our platform as a theater to tell stories that share diverse life experiences and ensure those voices are valued and heard. We believe in the power of performance to serve as a tool for the community to process, advocate for, and engage in antiracism work and similar community movements. Our JOIN THE CONVERSATION page serves as a hub for sharing your ideas with us about events inspired by community discussions.

Last year we presented American Evolution Story Hour at The Z in conjunction with the statewide commemoration of the 400th Anniversary of key historical events that occurred in Virginia during 1619 and continue to influence America today. This evening of stories, spoken word and timeless tales celebrated the diversity that defines the American spirit from 1619 – 2019.