~Zeiders American Dream Theater’s Heart of Art Program~

Zeiders American Dream Theater, a.k.a The Z is dedicated to building, strengthening and healing our community through the arts. 

This dedication is the driving force behind The Z’s Heart of Art Program 

How it works:

The Heart of Art program pairs artists with clients of social service partners introducing them to creative tools to deal with adversity and to channel self-expression. Our artists learn how to teach their craft at a level accessible to all ages and our participants learn to use creative expression to share their stories. Social service partners past & present include Connect with a Wish, serving teens in the foster care system, YellowHab and Seatack Elementary programs for underserved youth, and Tidewater Arts Outreach, serving seniors. 

Last year’s pilot program with Connect with a Wish produced 4 new songs, created through 3 workshops, with 15 teen participants led by 4 singer/songwriters. The songs were shared in a June 2022 showcase at The Z with an invited audience and received outstanding feedback. 

This year’s Showcase will feature five Seatack Elementary School students singing their own songs, a film of Yellowhab students and their work with Plan B comedy, and fashion and visual art inspired by those served by Tidewater Arts Outreach.  

Zeiders American Dream Theater, 4509 Commerce Street, VB, VA 23462

Saturday, June 3rd at 4pm

Harnessing the power of art to heal and promote well-being is paramount to a thriving community. When we take care of the most vulnerable among us, we strengthen our whole community.