Murder Mystery Film

  • Union/Non-Union: Non-Union
  • Paid (Performers will be given a flat rate/stipend at the end of the production)
  • Production Type: Short Film
  • Genre: Drama/Mystery
  • Director: Jonathan Kemp
  • Producer: Matthew Walker Production
  • Dates: July 13th-16th, 2023

Filming Location: Virginia Beach, VA & surrounding locations. (Must be willing to work as a local)

Logline: When a dead body is found on the opening night of a theatre’s first all-black production, a murder mystery actress must solve the unfolding murder mystery before it ruins the show.


Wallace: African American Male, Aged 25-35, Supporting Confidence is his friend and success his lover, but none of that matters because he’s dead. Not dead inside, he is dead. Stick a fork in him, he won’t move dead. Take the hint and play dead. Forget lines, have fun and be the best dead body you can be! Send us a video of your best dead body impression, get creative with it 😉

Leon: African American Male, Aged 40-60, Supporting The uncle that everyone loves and who has his stuff together. A good cop, but you wouldn’t know unless seen in uniform.

Sidney: Caucasian Female, Aged 25-35, Supporting Theatre, it kissed her when she was young, and with poised confidence and her chin always with a slight tilt upward, she has blessed the center stage. On or off stage she’s always playing a role.

Please email [email protected] for sides or for more information about our production! In your email, please include a headshot and resume/acting reel. Extended Submissions Due by May 29, 2023