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based on the novel by Mary Shelley
stage adaptation by Castillo and Ertugrul

What makes a man monstrous and a monster human? A tale of playing god and identity lost, Core Theatre Ensemble’s adaptation of the literary classic Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein is resurrected at the Zeiders American Dream Theater this June.

One of the first literary works in the sci-fi/horror genre, the story presents a frightening premise even in modern times. After discovering the secrets of animating human remains, Victor Frankenstein assembles body parts to create a living monster. Follow Creation vs. Creator down a path of destruction fueled by hate and revenge as they search for morality and purpose in the world. The eventual confrontation leaves a wake of death and ultimately reduces both to ruins. Join Core Theatre for this unique, high-energy, and beautiful production.


When 4-year-old Claire is adopted into the family, 6-year-old Aaron’s childhood is disrupted by his new sister whose behavior reveals unsettling insights into her unknown past. Told from his perspective as an adult, “Little One” is the story of Aaron’s fractured childhood, his strange sister, and her fixation with their neighbor and his mail-order bride. Wryly humorous yet ultimately haunting, “Little One” is a gripping 60-minute psychological thriller that asks: How much strain can love withstand?