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March 20, 2024 to March 20, 2024


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So you want to grow your presence as a professional artist? As a communications professional and consultant with over a decade of experience in marketing, branding, media, and public relations, Philip Odango shares valuable insights, best practices, and tools to help you build your brand as an artist.

Philip Odango, also known as Canvas Cosplay, is an award-winning designer, community builder, and creativity coach. His work spans a diverse range of unexpected character creations, and he aims to encourage confidence in authentic self-expression through creativity. Philip embraces a “cosplay your way” approach, inspired by the diverse and vibrant creators, ideas, and communities he has encountered globally. His creativity extends beyond conventional boundaries, resulting in over 300 costumes displayed across the world with numerous brand collaborations, such as JOANN, Singer Sewing Company, and Glow Forge. As a marketing and advertising consultant, Philip has empowered aspiring cosplay entrepreneurs through his Cosplay Professional Development Series. This series equips creators with the tools to build and market their brands. Philip Odango’s impact on the cosplay community is both inspiring and innovative. His commitment to authenticity and creativity continues to resonate with fellow artists and fans alike.

Website: www.philipodango.com

Instagram: instagram.com/philipodango

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