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January 19, 2024 to January 19, 2024

Main Stage Theater







Big Juicy Entertainment presents Aviana

Ft. Courtney Rogers at 6:30pm

Featuring a lively and energetic full band sound- R&B artist Aviana steps into the spotlight on The Z’s Main Stage to present an exciting evening of original music from her upcoming album “Ode to Venus”.

About The Artist
At the tender confluence of past meets present, where vocal dexterity meets raw emotion, you’ll find the fresh-faced R&B sensation, Aviana. This young virtuoso has spun a rich tapestry of soulful reverberations, echoing the profound influences of legendary matriarchs of music like Amy Winehouse, Nina Simone, and Etta James.

With a voice that dances fluidly between the velvety depths of vintage soul and the vibrant rhythms of modern R&B, Aviana is more than just a singer; she’s a melodious force weaving new narratives into the complex tapestry of the genre. Her melodies, both potent and soul-stirring, resonate deeply with a generation seeking empowerment and authenticity.

Breathing new life into the R&B scene, Aviana has spellbound audiences across Hampton Roads, embodying a compelling blend of resilience and grace that captivates from the first note. She paints with a palette of sounds that embrace the strength in vulnerability, resonating in the hearts of those lucky enough to witness her mesmerizing performances.

As she molds her debut Album, Ode to Venus, Aviana invests more than just her remarkable vocal prowess; she pours her very essence into each track, crafting an oeuvre that promises not only to leave an indelible mark but to redefine the boundaries of contemporary R&B.

Keep your eyes and ears attuned: Aviana is not just singing tunes; she’s heralding a new era of R&B, where the future reverberates with the echoes of the soulful past.