We have a vision and mission to present new works. If you’ve got something, we’d like to hear about it! Here is a general idea of what we’d like from you:

– A couple of .mp3’s of you and/or your band (for musicians), with a description of your style

-The first act or 30 pages of your script with a one page synopsis in .pdf format (for playwrights)

-A Vimeo or YouTube link to your film (for filmmakers)

-Your website (for everyone!)

In general, we want to present YOU! For musicians, this means setting you up with a concert style performance. For playwrights, we will do a stage reading with up to three public performances (we provide actors, a director and tech!). For filmmakers, we will show your film. For all artists – we will get in front of an audience. We get you seen and heard. Oh, by the way, we pay you too!

We aren’t just limited to these categories of work. Pitch us your idea- we’re an experimental company and we want to find interesting things to do. We are particularly interested in new works from regional artists (the Mid-Atlantic area).

We will acknowledge that we’ve received your work, but it may take a while for us to get back to you- we get a lot of submissions and we have a small staff.

Please send your submissions to [email protected] with the Subject: Artist Submission