May 30, 2020

Saturday at 11am

Main Stage Theater

General (Adults and Children)


Written and Directed by Jessica Brooke Pinsky

Greetings, fellow science fanatics! Welcome to SciTech Industries. Step into our lab and join us for an experiment or two! Worried about explosions? Don’t be! We’ve taken every precaution to ensure our students have a safe and educational experience. In case of emergencies that say, teleport us back to the Middle Ages, we’ll just repair our time machine and get back to the present before you can say ‘knights of the round table’!

A little bit of renaissance romping never hurt a fly… we think! Of course, the last time our scientists traveled through time there were a few- minor- glitches… but, nothing to worry about! After all, surely they’ve worked out all the kinks by now. How many times can time travel go wrong?

Join your favorite scientists for yet another unforgettable adventure through time and space: “Medieval Time!”. Coming May 2020.

(Appropriate for all ages, best enjoyed by those four and up)

As a community minded non profit, The Z is partnering with Samaritan House and asking our patrons to bring diapers of all sizes to all Children’s Theater of Hampton Roads performances.  Please help us support this community effort by bringing an unopened package of diapers to The Z!
Any questions please contact our Community Liaison at [email protected]