A Healing Arts Community Event

November 17, 2019

Sunday at 3pm

Main Stage Theater

Zeiders American Dream Theater invites the community to come together for this FREE Community Event to draw strength and healing through the power of The Arts.  Interactive arts activities as well as community arts & therapy resources will be offered in The Z’s Main Stage Lobby.

Spinning Tales on Ice: Peter Pan and Cinderella

Real ice skating on stage

February 26, 2020

Wednesday at 7pm

Main Stage Theater

Sit on the edge of your seats as professional champion ice skaters, Broadway level singers, and cirque performers captivate you. Welcome to The Spinning Tales Of Peter Pan & Cinderella On Ice!- Where fairy tales and ice collide!

Beyond Bollywood: Namaste India

Indian tradition and culture

May 03, 2020

Sunday at 3pm

Main Stage Theater

A magical journey depicting India and its myriad of dance forms – the expressive Bharatanatyam from the south to the vibrant and energetic Bhangra from the north.