The American Dreamwright’s Workshop



January 22 – Table Reading of Sherilynn Cherry’s “Gun” – A full-length play about the Black Women Pullman Porters in the early 1900’s.

Workshop Discussion of “Gun”: How to Apply John Truby’s Seven Steps to Story Telling.

February 5 – Table Reading of Jennie Brown’s “The Lessons” – Two short plays about the battle over curriculum by school boards in the South.

Workshop:  continue with Truby’s applications of the 7 Steps (continued)

February 19 – PRODUCTION of BUDDY WHITE’S PLAY Ophelia Chooses – premiere this weekend as part of “No Holds Bard” at The Z. Please attend and support Buddy.

March 5 – WORKSHOP on Writing Premise Lines and Log Lines. We will be taking plays being developed in the Dreamwrights Workshop and creating log lines, premise line and practicing pitches for them.

Handouts / Exercises based on Will Dunne – The Playwright’s Companion; Blake Snyder – The Save the Cat Series; and others.

Workshop: Selling to Your Audience. Also, the website and Dramatist Guild of America information provided on Copyrighting your work and US office of Copyright website addressing PAu Type works.   

March 19 – Table Reading of Chris Anderson’s Musical – “Frances Perkins”. We will be reading the second act of this musical.

Workshop:  Topics will include Handling multiple characters/sets; Introducing large casts to an audience; sustaining Act 2.

April 2 – Table Reading of Jean Klein and Sibel Galindez’s – “Grace”. A play about faith, hope, and redemption.

Workshop – Writing in the stratosphere / Building the world of the play.

April 23 – Table Reading of Clyde Santana and Valli’s – “Lolly’s Miracle”. A drama based on the treatment of AIDS patients in the early years. Filmmaker Monty Ross will discuss what elements go into making a creative story for a stage play or screenplay based on a real life person/events.

Workshop:  Writing from real life experience. Discussion based on personal past attempts.

May 7 – Table Reading of Buddy White’s satire, “Senor Rita”, A comedy of mixed matches, misunderstands, and malapropisms.

Workshop: The Risks and Rewards of Satire. Letting the Audience Know We’re Not Serious. Discussion.

May 21 – Table Reading of Patti Wray’s historical drama, “The Truth Be Told”, a drama loosely based on the life of General George Henry Thomas, a man caught between the two worlds of North and South and the post-Civil War conflict. ,

Workshop: What questions do you ask yourself for last stage revisions? A discussion and handout.

June – TBD – Reading of “Alphatricity” – (musical) by Dr. Ted Ferguson and Clyde Santana. A satirical fantasy involving an Armageddon event about to occur on Halloween Night as two children playing with war watch their play become wickedly real.

NOTE: These are table readings so we will primarily be casting from the group (with some exceptions). If you have actors that will read parts for your play, please let us know. Additionally, send your scripts to Clyde Santana at least two weeks before the reading. Also, if you are not going to be able to attend, please give him as much advance notice as possible (two weeks) so that he won’t count on you for the reading. Jean will provide her Zoom Link for the readings. If she is not available, Clyde will provide his Zoom Link.

In order to join the workshop, send an email to The Z’s Artistic Director, Bart Kuebler, [email protected].