The American Dreamwright’s Workshop


The American Dreamwright’s Workshop is the Z’s resident community of playwrights. The workshop meets twice monthly throughout the year. Workshop members enjoy special access to the Z’s Hatchery productions and other associated theatrical works. The workshop is open to anyone wishing to explore dramatic writing, regardless of experience level. 

The workshop meets on the following dates in the spring of 2021:

6 March · 20 March · 3 April · 17 April · 1 May · 15 May · 5 June · 19 June

All meetings are at 10am, and held on Zoom until the public health situation clears up.

The workshop’s leaders are Jean Klein and Clyde Santana. Jean holds degrees from Carnegie-Mellon and the University of Iowa, and currently teaches in the MA/MFA Creative Writing program at Wilkes University. She is also the owner and publisher of Blue Moon Plays, 

Clyde holds degrees from Springfield College and the University of Massachusetts. He has won numerous screenwriting awards, has had several plays produced at Bushfire Theater in Philadelphia, and has acted in more than sixty film and television productions. He has taught screenwriting and playwriting at Regent University and Norfolk State University and is currently a member of the Norfolk Commision on the Arts and Humanities.

Members of the workshop are vital constituents of the Z’s theatrical community. As such, each Hatchery production hosts events for workshop members, and members enjoy special access to other theatrical productions throughout the season. A full listing of special events for the 2021-22 season will be posted on this page in September, 2021.

In order to join the workshop, send an email to The Z’s Artistic Director, Bart Kuebler, [email protected].